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Reiki Healing and Training

Reiki Healing from the simple touch of a hand, something missing in much of today's modern medicine. Reiki Healing as an alternative and complementary therapy provides the soothing comfort of that human touch. This set Reiki apart from much of the machines and drugs used on our bodies in today's world, and can help greatly with someone suffering from pain.

So What is Reiki?

Reiki is the energy of love that never ends. You can experience the bliss of Reiki as a recipient and receive healing that is channeled through another. Or you can learn Reiki yourself to boost your personal growth.

Why Reiki?

People have become more open again to solution to personal problems, no longer only believing that science is the only way forward. You may have tried yoga, meditation or massage; Reiki is a natural complement to these other healing and relaxation practices.

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