Reiki Healing Head

Dr Mikao Usui

Reiki Healing, the ancient Tibetan healing method, (Reiki is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Force). Reiki is pronounced ray-key. It was re-discovered in the middle of the nineteenth century by Dr Mikao Usui. Dr Mikao Usui was the principle of a Christian seminary in Kyoto, Japan. One day some of his pupils asked him why they had heard nothing of the healing methods used by Jesus Christ. Thus the re-discovery of Reiki.

Dr Usui was asked if he would be able to heal the way that Christ had healed, using Reiki. He resigned his position as he was unable to answer the questions, and set out to find the answers for himself. It was not a short journey to the rediscovery of Reiki.

Dr Mikao Usui first went to America, University of Chicago, where he completed a Doctorate in Theology - this did not give him what he was looking for. Next was Japan and study of the healings of Buddha and Chinese Sutras, still no answer. Then to Tibet to study Sanskrit and the Tibetan Lotus Sutras - here he found the intellectual answers and the keys to the healing of Christ - what he lack still, was the empowerment.

Dr Mikao Usui returned to Japan to retreat to the Holy mountain of Kuri Yama, it was his intention to fast in solitude for 21 days. The fast was concentrated on the truth of the Sanskrit formulas. At the start of his fast he placed twenty one stones beside him, and used them as the calendar for his time on the mountain. He meditated, read sutras, and sang; this continued for twenty days. On the last day he saw a shinning light moving towards him with speed, it became his complete view and finally hit him in the center of his forehead. He though he was going to die, however he saw the well known Sanskrit symbols in front of him glowing - "Yes, I remember," he said. Such was the rebirth of Reiki.

When Dr Mikao Usui came back to his normal consciousness the sun was high in the sky. He felt strength and energy, excited he ran down the mountain. He was amazed at how strong and refreshed he felt after twenty one days of fasting. This he considered the first miracle. While rushing he hurt his toe on a stone. He held his hands on it, the bleeding stopped and the pain disappeared. This was the second miracle.

Being hungry after twenty one days of fasting he stopped at an inn to eat. The inn keeper warned him not to eat much after fasting for so long, however Dr Mikao Usui ate a large Japanese breakfast with no consequences, this was the third miracle.

The grand-daughter of the inn-keeper had toothache. Dr Mikao laid his hands on her face and the pain receded. She ran and told her grandfather that this was not an ordinary monk and what had happened. This was the fourth miracle.

Dr Mikao Usui returned to the beggar city in the slums of Kyoto and to his monastery, to help people and lead them to a better life. He worked there for seven years, however he noticed that he was having little effect and many of the same people were returning to him over and over. He found out that these people thought it easier to keep begging than put in the effort to return to a more normal life. Dr Usui realized that he had not taught the beggars gratitude and that this was of great importance.

Dr Mikao left the asylum and in the city he lit a torch in the city streets. People asked him why and he told them he was looking for others in search of the true light - Reiki. He wanted people who felt oppressed and who were willing to be healed. Thus started his teaching of Reiki. Dr Chikiro Hayashi became the second Reiki Grand Master, he ran a Reiki clinic in Tokyo until 1940 where he could treat people.

Hawayo Takata became Dr Hayashi pupil. She was born on Hawaii in 1900 of Japanese parents thought she was a citizen of the United States. Her path led her to Reiki. She was a widow with two small children, she had a number of severe illnesses and her physical and spiritual strength was suffering and diminishing. Her path took her to Japan to seek help. In Japan lying on an operating table an inner voice told her there was another way to deal with this problem. She asked her doctor about other ways of treatment which lead her to Dr Hayashi Reiki Clinic. Within a few months she had won her health back completely.

Hawayo Takata became a pupil of Dr Hayashi's for about a year before returning to Hawaii with her children. Dr Hayashi made her a master in 1938 when he visited Hawaii. She became the Grand Master after his death. Hawayo trained other Reiki Masters, when she died in 1980 she had trained 22 other Reiki Masters in the US and Canada.

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