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Ancient Egyptian Reiki

Ancient Egyptian Reiki is one of the most powerful and unique forms of Reiki spiritual healing that is available to patients today.  Ancient Egyptian Reiki utilizes a variety of unique techniques that stand out from traditional Reiki healing and have proven to be extremely beneficial to patients of Ancient Egyptian Reiki.  These Reiki techniques have been practiced in Egypt since the times of Pharos and there are many hieroglyphic paintings in ancient temples that reflect Egyptians practicing what appear to be Reiki healing treatments.  How is Ancient Egyptian Reiki different from other forms of Reiki?  While many forms of traditional Reiki tap into an energy source provided to us by a higher power, Ancient Egyptian Reiki harnesses this energy and turns it into strong vibrational healing energy that is extremely effective.

The biggest difference between traditional Reiki and Ancient Egyptian Reiki is that the latter form of Reiki harnesses the powers of the Earth to help during an Ancient Egyptian Reiki spiritual healing treatment.  Egyptians have always revered the Earth and respected what it has to offer the human race, therefore, this aspect of Ancient Egyptian Reiki is completely logical.  This form of Reiki utilizes the powers of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit to help heal patients, opening their chakras and spiritually balancing them.  Ancient Egyptian Reiki can also incorporate angelic energies, such as with Angel Reiki, or the use of crystals as with Crystal Reiki.  Patients of Ancient Egyptian Reiki will also learn healing techniques such as rhythmic and healing breathing and sound vibration healing.  All of these aspects combined have helped to form one of the most effective and powerful forms of Reiki in existence!  As Reiki continues to develop in the Western world, more and more patients are reading and learning about Ancient Egyptian Reiki and the demand for Ancient Egyptian Reiki spiritual healing treatments continues to grow.

In addition to these wonderful techniques, Ancient Egyptian Reiki also employs a unique "negative energy drain."  True to its name, the "negative energy drain" technique will help leach and eliminate negative energies from a patient during a Reiki healing session.  This can be very effective for patients that are emotionally distressed or are going through serious life changes such as the death of a close friend or family member, divorce or the abrupt termination of employment.  Many patients who are going through trying emotional times seek out Ancient Egyptian Reiki as a way to help cope with the negative energy surrounding them.  Draining the negative energy from a patient helps clear chakras and makes the patient more receptive to positive energy.  Ancient Egyptian Reiki is most effective when performed regularly, and the "negative energy drain" techniques are most helpful when utilized continuously as the patient moves through his or her negative situation.  More and more Reiki masters are becoming attuned to Ancient Egyptian Reiki and if you are interested in receiving Ancient Egyptian Reiki spiritual healing treatments, you are encouraged to seek out a practitioner of this unique and powerful healing art in your area.    

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