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Animal Reiki

Reiki is a powerful form of spiritual healing that has been around for centuries.  It has been used primarily to help heal and bring balance to the human psyche, but Reiki is not limited to use on humans.  Everyone, including animals, share a deep connection to this earth and the energy within it and through Reiki, that energy can be harnessed and directed in a way that is healing and beneficial.  Animals can benefit from Reiki treatments just as much as humans can and Reiki spiritual healing sessions are becoming more and more popular for animals as well. 

Animal Reiki can be used to help animals in many ways.  Sick animals can be treated with Reiki to help alleviate their illnesses and stressed animals can become more balanced and calm after a Reiki spiritual healing treatment.  Older animals that are suffering with diseases that are a result of old age, such as arthritis or decreasing sight can begin to feel whole again from animal Reiki treatments.  A pet that is not sleeping well, is hyperactive or exhibits bad behavior can benefit greatly from regular Reiki treatments.  Reiki spiritual healing treatments can also help comfort a dying animal and ease him or her through the life and death transition.  Reiki is a wonderful alternative to traditional veterinary medicine if the cases are not severe; however, it is best to have your pet evaluated by a trained medical professional if you suspect something is seriously wrong.  Many veterinary facilities are now offering Reiki spiritual healing treatments in addition to other alternative health treatments such as massage and acupuncture as well as traditional medical treatments.

Even if your pet does not have any illnesses or behavior issues that would warrant any treatment, Reiki sessions performed regularly can help keep your pet healthy, happy and well adjusted.  You can have your pet undergo Reiki treatment after a particularly stressful event, such as the death of another animal or person in the home, a move or any other event that may have a negative impact on the health and well being of your pet.  Animal Reiki treatments can help your pet adjust to these situations in a more fluid fashion than if he or she were left alone to deal with the issues.

Reiki is an excellent treatment for an animal that has been rescued from an abusive home or a negative environment.  If you’ve ever rescued a dog or cat from a home in which he or she was severely abused or neglected, you know how difficult it can be to help bring these animals back to a healthy state of mind.  Reiki treatments can help treat the animal spiritually, helping it to heal both the physical and emotional pain of being abused.  All in all, animal Reiki spiritual healing treatments are as wonderful for pets and other animals as they are for humans.  Keeping your pet spiritually, emotionally and physically happy and well can make a difference to both you and your pet.

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