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Crystal Reiki

Crystals have long been used for healing, even during ancient times.  The discovery of the healing and powerful spiritual properties that exist within crystals brought a new alternative healing path to holistic medical practitioners.  It is logical that the ancient form of spiritual healing known as Reiki merged with the use of healing crystals to form a special and unique type of spiritual and physical healing called Crystal Reiki.

Naturally, Crystal Reiki employs the use of different crystals during a Reiki spiritual healing session to help direct and energize healing vibrations that come from the higher power.  Crystals can help Reiki masters to channel healing energy through a patient’s chakras in a way that has never been done before with traditional touch healing.  Think of crystals as a magnifying glass for the ultimate love and healing powers that the Reiki energy source and higher power has to offer us!  One of the greatest and most versatile aspects of Crystal Reiki is that the Reiki master has the ability to choose the type of crystal that he or she believes would best benefit the patient based on the patients needs during a particular Reiki spiritual healing treatment session.

What types of crystals and gems can be used during a Crystal Reiki healing session and for what ailments?  Clear crystals, such as quartz, have always been associated with the Crown chakra.  It is believed that the clarity of the quartz represents intelligence.  Clear quartz crystals can also be used to absorb negative energy anywhere on the patient – many Reiki practitioners have noticed that after their negative energy absorbing quartz crystals have been used many times, they tend to lose their clarity and begin to look like smoky quartz crystals.

Naturally, pink or red crystals and gemstones are most effective when used on the heart chakra.  The pink quartz, also known as the rose quartz, has long been associated with love and positive feelings.  A Crystal Reiki master can use the rose quartz during a spiritual healing session to envelop the patient with a loving, protective cloak while he or she does the healing work.  Dark crystals, such as smoky quartz, hematite and other crystals that are very dark in color are wonderful for grounding energy during a Crystal Reiki spiritual healing treatment.  These stones represent the Earth and can be used to ground excess energy that is present in the room before a Crystal Reiki treatment or excess energy that is present within the patient’s body. 

Crystal Reiki is extremely effective when used to heal a patient both spiritually and physically, as crystals carry with them a tremendous amount of spiritual power.  Crystals come from the Earth and almost every form of Reiki puts a strong emphasis on a deep connection with the Earth and the world around us.  If you are currently undergoing Reiki spiritual healing treatments, ask your Reiki master if he or she uses crystals or knows someone who does.  Crystals can help enrich your spirit beyond belief!

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