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Dragon Reiki

Dragon Reiki is among the many popular forms of Reiki spiritual healing.  Many people consider it one of the most powerful and effective forms of Reiki spiritual healing available to patients today and those that have had a Dragon Reiki spiritual healing treatment often continue with Dragon Reiki sessions as opposed to traditional Reiki spiritual healing treatments because the results are often more powerful.  Although traditional Reiki was founded in Japan and grew vastly in popularity there, many Reiki masters traveled and took their healing art with them wherever they went.  Reiki masters traveled to China, where Dragon Reiki was developed, and Reiki soon grew in popularity in that country as well.  Dragon Reiki soon became one of the most popular forms of spiritual healing in China because the people of China already had a spiritual belief foundation that was built from the sacred properties of the dragon itself.  In China, the dragon represented both healing and a strong connection with nature – both of which are extremely important in Reiki spiritual healing sessions no matter which type of Reiki is being performed.

Dragon Reiki suggests that healing, both physical and emotional, comes from within.  We must be spiritually centered and balanced before we can begin to experience life at its fullest and be receptive to the messages that the higher power gives us.  Dragon Reiki focuses on healing and nurturing the spirit, because the belief is that if the spirit is in harmony and at peace, only then can we begin to heal ourselves on the outside.  Dragon Reiki teaches us that our bodies are naturally designed to heal themselves if our spirits are balanced and nurtured.  If we are spiritually out of sync, our body will not have what it needs to begin healing itself and allowing us to live a fuller, more fulfilling life.  Once the spiritual healing has begun on the inside, our bodies naturally do what the higher power intended them to do and they begin to remedy themselves.

That is not to say that Dragon Reiki is performed so patients can learn to heal themselves – Dragon Reiki masters are essential in this process.  Dragon Reiki masters have the ability to absorb the love and energy from the higher power and channel and direct it to the patient in a way that will heal them spiritually from the inside out.  Dragon Reiki must be performed with the essence of the dragon and everything that it stands for on the mind.  This is part of what separates Dragon Reiki from traditional Reiki spiritual healing treatments.  A picture or figure of a dragon can be very helpful during a Dragon Reiki spiritual healing treatment to help the Dragon Reiki master channel the energy and essence of the dragon to help heal the patient properly.  Before a Dragon Reiki session, a patient must open his or her mind and soul completely to allow their spirits to fully receive the power and love that the dragon and the higher power has to offer. 

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