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Many Reiki masters are beginning to meld alternative healing techniques that they have learned with the Reiki that they currently practice.  This has created a multitude of Reiki forms, all being beneficial to a variety of patients.  As the demand for the availability of different types of Reiki spiritual healing treatments grows, Reiki masters are formulating forms of Reiki to meet the demand.  Gendai Reiki is one of the more modern forms of Reiki spiritual healing that is practiced today, originating in Japan.  Gendai Reiki spiritual healing treatments are becoming more popular in the Western world as well, where many Reiki masters seeking to utilize a variety of Reiki treatments to meet their patients' demands can learn and utilize this modern form of spiritual healing.

What makes Gendai Reiki modern and different from traditional forms of Reiki spiritual healing treatments?  First, it is important to recognize its similarities to traditional Reiki. Although Gendai Reiki is considered modern, it borrows many techniques from the original form of Reiki created by Dr. Usui.  Of course, these techniques include laying the healing hands on different areas of the patients to help open, clear and infuse a patient's chakras with positive and loving energy from the higher power.  Gendai Reiki has four different levels that a Reiki master can attain, where some traditional methods of Reiki spiritual healing employ only three levels that Reiki masters can attain. 

The first level of Gendai Reiki is the Shoden level.  When a new Reiki master is attuned to the Shoden level, their natural ability to heal is awakened.  A Reiki master that is attuned to the Shoden level has access to a certain amount of Reiki energy that he or she can use to spiritually and physically heal a patient.  Okuden is the second level of Gendai Reiki attunement, where Reiki masters can begin to learn the different symbols that are utilized during Gendai Reiki spiritual treatments.  Gendai Reiki masters that are attuned to the Okuden level of Reiki can also learn how to perform Reiki distance healing treatments, where Reiki energy can be send to a patient over short or long distances without the patient and Reiki master actually being together.  Shinpiden is the third level of attunement and this level begins a soul search and a path towards spiritual enlightenment.  Finally, Gokuikaiden is the fourth level of Gendai Reiki and is the master level.  For a Reiki master to teach others the art of Gendai Reiki, he or she must have attained and been attuned to this level of Reiki first.  

Gendai Reiki can be beneficial for many patients.  Not only can Gendai Reiki begin to heal your spirit, it can also help heal any physical and emotional problems you may have.  If you are seeking Gendai Reiki spiritual healing treatments, visit your nearest Reiki spiritual healing center and speak with a Reiki master there to learn more about this modern and magnificent form of spiritual and physical healing.  They will certainly be able to help you!

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