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Many forms of Reiki healing treatments focus on spirituality with some forms of Reiki gravitating more towards spiritual healing than others.  Although Reiki is not based in any type of religion, some people who are not religious find it difficult to utilize the spiritual aspect of Reiki healing treatments.  Jikiden Reiki was formulated with more of an emphasis on treatment, rather than spirituality, therefore patients that are seeking a more treatment centered form of Reiki healing can benefit greatly from Jikiden Reiki healing treatments.  That is not to say that religious and spiritual patients would do better to avoid Jikiden Reiki.  Jikiden Reiki can be utilized by anyone to help heal their bodies and minds!

Jikiden Reiki is often thought of as one of the original forms of Reiki, due to the fact that for a very long time, Jikiden Reiki was practiced and utilized in Japan without having an influence by Western Society or Western Reiki practices.  The words Jikiden Reiki literally mean "directly taught," and the name is befitting to this wonderful healing practice that has grown vastly in popularity over the years. 

Like traditional Reiki, those wishing to master Jikiden Reiki must have an attunement from a current Jikiden Reiki master before they can officially practice Jikiden Reiki and to be beneficial to their patients.  Because Jikiden Reiki is more treatment focused and not as spiritually based, however, many people have taken advantage of this particular type of healing art form.  Many people are claiming that they have learned Jikiden Reiki themselves without receiving an attunement.  Part of the beauty of all forms of Reiki healing treatments is that people wishing to become Reiki masters cannot learn Reiki healing treatments from a book or audio tape.  The art of Reiki must be passed down from master to master and this is the only way that Reiki can be attained and utilized.  Jikiden Reiki is no different and those wishing to learn Jikiden Reiki are encouraged to seek out a current Jikiden Reiki master to begin an apprenticeship.

Those involved in Jikiden Reiki take pride in the fact that they practice a form of Reiki healing treatment that is so close to the original form of Reiki.  Although Reiki has been altered and changed by many different Reiki masters to help benefit a vast multitude of patients, Jikiden Reiki is simple in its roots and continues to be passed down in from Reiki master to Reiki master in this form.  Very few forms of Reiki spiritual healing have stayed so linear.  Many patients feel that since Jikiden Reiki is so true to its roots that it is a more powerful form of Reiki healing.  Many patients report an improvement in their course of treatment when they begin receiving Reiki healing treatments from a Jikiden Reiki master.  Although Jikiden Reiki can be beneficial to everyone, it can be especially helpful to those who are experiencing physical pain or illness as Jikiden Reiki is more focused on healing than spirituality. 

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