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Kundalini Reiki

Kundalini Reiki is often considered the most simple and even one of the most effective forms of Reiki spiritual healing today.  While Kundalini Reiki uses many of the same techniques as traditional Reiki spiritual healing, Kundalini Reiki principles are simpler and more streamlined.  What exactly makes Kundalini Reiki different from traditional Reiki spiritual healing? 

First, Kundalini Reiki masters employ the energy from the higher power the same as traditional Reiki masters do.  With Kundalini Reiki, however, the energy that is received from the higher power is called “Kundalini energy” or it is sometimes called the “Kundalini Fire.”  Avid practitioners of Kundalini Reiki claim that “Kundalini Fire” is a more potent form of energy that is received from the higher power and has a more innate ability to heal patients.  Others insist that both the “Kundalini Fire” that is harnessed during Kundalini Reiki sessions and the energy received from the higher power during traditional Reiki spiritual healing treatments are the same as they come from the same source.  Some patients report that the “Kundalini Fire” makes them feel more alive and active, as well as doing a better job of healing them spiritually, while other patients report no difference between the “Kundalini Fire” used during Kundalini Reiki and the energy channeled through them during traditional Reiki spiritual healing sessions.

There are, however, more things that separate Kundalini Reiki from traditional Reiki spiritual healing treatments.  During traditional Reiki treatments, the Reiki master can harness the energy received from the higher power and direct it wherever he or she sees fit.  If a patient is in desperate need of pain reduction in a certain area of his or her body, the Reiki master can direct all the energy to that section of the body to allow for faster and more efficient healing.  During Kundalini Reiki treatments, particularly during the first session of treatment, the “Kundalini Fire” must be focused on the Root Chakra.  It will then make its way up through the body on its own, clearing the chakras as it goes.  This may take one or more Kundalini Reiki treatments.  The “Kundalini Fire” will then be released through the Crown Chakra at the top of the head, creating a channel or pathway for energy through the patient’s body with both an entrance for energy and an exit.  This practice creates a constant flow of energy through the patient’s body, even after Kundalini Reiki treatments have been completed.  It is believed that this process will ground a patient to the energy of the Earth and he or she will become more attuned to the spirit of the Earth. 

Many patients report that by being grounded to the Earth’s energy through Kundalini Reiki treatments that they become more intuitive and in some cases, more psychic.  Kundalini Reiki should not be sought out, however, for that sole reason as some people will inherently never be intuitive or psychic.  Kundalini Reiki should be sought out by patients wishing to open their chakras, create a constant flow of energy through their body and become more tuned in to the Earth and atmosphere.

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