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There are many different forms of Reiki spiritual healing available on the alternative medicine market today.  Different types of Reiki spiritual healing includes Dragon Reiki, Shamanic Reiki, Reido Reiki, Gendai Reiki and many, many more.  While each of the forms of Reiki spiritual healing are similar to traditional Reiki, each of the forms of Reiki are different and unique.  Many forms of Reiki spiritual healing come from the place in which they were created.  Geography plays a big part in the many different types of Reiki spiritual healing.  A popular form of Reiki spiritual healing, named Maori Reiki, got its name specifically from the place in which this type of Reiki spiritual healing originated.

Where did Maori Reiki come from?  The Maori people are a unique tribe that originated in the heart and soul of New Zealand.  The Maori people were a very spiritual clan and developed many different forms of hands on spiritual healing, including Maori Reiki.  Although there are not many of the Maori people left in New Zealand, this unique and helpful form of Reiki spiritual healing continues to be carried and passed down from Reiki master to Reiki master today. 

What makes Maori reiki healing different from other forms of Reiki spiritual healing?  Maori Reiki centers a lot on clearing the body of any spiritual and physical toxic waste.  Maori Reiki masters seek mainly to cleanse both the body and soul.  If a patient has an excess of waste in his or her body, it can impede daily life and make the patient feel physically drained and fatigued.  If a patient is carrying around a lot of spiritual toxic waste, the patient can experience a multitude of negative feelings.  Maori Reiki can help patients release the physical and spiritual toxic waste and negative energy that they have been carrying around and by releasing these toxins, the patient can begin to feel both physically and spiritually whole and balanced again.

Maori Reiki can also constitute the use of natural objects to aid the Maori Reiki master in healing the patient physically and spiritually.  Natural objects may include certain types of wood that carry spiritual properties, gemstones and natural stones and crystals and herbs and natural remedies that also carry spiritual and healing properties.  The belief is that during a Maori Reiki session, a patient must get more in touch with nature.  This is logical, as the Maori people from New Zealand were very naturalistic and holistic in their approach to spiritual and physical healing.  By utilizing the tools that nature has given them, Maori Reiki masters can use this energy to help heal their patients from the inside out.  One can seek unique Maori Reiki spiritual healing treatments if he or she is dealing with a multitude of physical and emotional stress in their life, if they are recovering from a substance abuse problem or drug addiction, or for any other reason that would prompt the patient to want to cleanse their body of both physical and spiritual toxic waste.

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