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Reido Reiki is often considered one of the more original forms of Reiki because it originated in Japan and closely follows the teachings of the original Reiki master.  Reido Reiki is, however, a delicate blend of both Japanese and Western style Reiki teachings that have been passed down from Reiki master to Reiki master.  There are many differences between Reido Reiki and traditional Reiki spiritual healing treatments, including the spiritual energy levels that can be obtained by a Reiki master and the underlying principles behind the healing art. 

Reido Reiki has several levels that can be attained by a Reido Reiki master.  In traditional Reiki, a Reiki master’s levels indicate the type and amount of spiritual energy he or she can harness and direct as well as how much experience he or she has had performing Reiki spiritual healing treatments.  This is the same with Reido Reiki.  The main Reido Reiki levels are levels 1 and 2 as well as 3A and 3B.  There are then three Reido Reiki “master” levels, appropriately named 4A, 4B and 4C.  You can be certain that if you are receiving Reido Reiki spiritual healing treatments from a Reido Reiki master that has attained any of the fourth levels that you are receiving treatments from an extremely gifted and extremely talented Reido Reiki master.

Reido Reiki has many underlying principles that help shape it into a unique and beneficial form of Reiki spiritual healing.  Reido Reiki patients must not rely solely on the Reiki master – they too have a hand in their spiritual healing during a Reido Reiki treatment.  Reido Reiki puts a strong emphasis on regular Reiki treatments – without regular sessions, spiritual healing can become impeded.  Regular Reido Reiki treatment sessions are essential in proper spiritual healing.  It is a patient’s responsibility to make sure they continue to attend regular Reido Reiki treatments to get the full benefit of what Reido Reiki has to offer. 

Patients of Reido Reiki should also practice meditation on a regular basis in their spare time in between Reido Reiki spiritual healing treatments.  The main goal of Reido Reiki spiritual healing sessions is to harmonize and balance the patient with the energy that is around them, giving them a brighter, more sincere outlook on life.  Patients of Reido Reiki soon find themselves living and loving life as if they had never lived before – they are in tune with themselves and with the world around them.  Patients will not only receive spiritual healing during regular Reido Reiki treatments but they will also gain the knowledge of how to live life to its fullest.  If you are considering Reido Reiki for yourself or a loved one, it is important that you get in touch with a Reido Reiki master or a traditional Reiki master to find out if Reido Reiki is a good option for you.  Many people can benefit from Reido Reiki spiritual healing treatments and can begin to feel better about themselves and the world around them.

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