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Crystals have long been associated with healing since the beginning of time.  Ancient Greeks and Egyptians believed crystals to hold many powers while other people simply felt that crystals help channel healing powers and aid in spiritual healing.  The latter concept has found its way into Reiki spiritual healing and many Reiki healers, masters and practitioners have begun using crystals during Reiki treatments and sessions.

How can Reiki Crystals make an impact on Reiki healing sessions?  First, it well known that a person’s chakras play a big part in Reiki healing.  If a person’s chakras are blocked or are holding negative energy, one can begin to feel sad, anxious, angry and even physically ill depending on which chakra in the body is blocked or holding negative energy.  Crystals have been known to help clear the chakras and help clear negative energy from the body and this is when they become very helpful during Reiki spiritual healing sessions.  Before the Reiki master begins gathering energy, he or she can use the crystal or a number of crystals to clear the chakras before beginning the spiritual healing treatment.  Sometimes, clearing the chakras with crystals is all a patient needs during a Reiki session if their chakras are severely blocked or holding negative energy.  Once the negative energy and blockages are removed using the crystal during a Reiki session, the chakras can return to their naturally harmonious state.

Crystals can also be used during Reiki treatment sessions to channel energy and direct it where the Reiki master wishes it to go.  This is extremely helpful during a Reiki spiritual healing session if a patient needs a particularly strong amount of energy to help him or her heal or if the patient needs energy focused specifically on a certain source.  For example, some Reiki masters choose to use crystals to help them channel Reiki energy on a specific organ or part of the body that is ailing the patient – if a patient is diabetic, the Reiki master may choose to use a crystal to help him or her channel positive, healing energy to the pancreas or a may use a crystal to channel healing energy to a patient’s legs that has restless leg syndrome. 

Different types of crystals can be used to channel different Reiki energies, so a Reiki master that uses crystals will most likely have more than one type of crystal depending on what he or she needs it for.  For example, a clear quartz crystal may be used to cleanse energies and cleanse the chakras, keeping them from remaining blocked.  A rose quartz crystal can be used to channel loving energies and to make the patient feel more loved and receptive to the love they receive by people every day.  Crystals can play a very important part of Reiki spiritual healing when used by a Reiki master.  If you currently undergo Reiki treatments, ask your Reiki master if he or she can begin using crystals to help cleanse your chakras and enrich your healing sessions.    

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