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Reiki Hand Positions

Reiki spiritual healing involves a series of hand placements to help channel Reiki energy and direct it where the Reiki master feels it would be most beneficial.  Learning Reiki means learning the most effective hand positions and how to use them during a Reiki spiritual healing session.  There are eleven or twelve hand positions that are used most often during a Reiki spiritual healing treatment.  Although Reiki treatments involve touch from the Reiki master, the touch is always light and unobtrusive. 

The first hand position is where the Reiki master’s hands are placed palm down on the patient’s face, covering the eyes.  The second Reiki hand position involves wrapping the hands around the top of the head with the wrists touching at the crown, touching the tops of the patient’s ears with your fingertips.  The third position involves cradling the back of the head with your hands.  The fourth position wraps the hands and fingertips around the patient’s cheeks, allowing fingertips to touch at the chin, forming a kind of brace around the chin.  The hand positions on the face and head allow for the Reiki master to begin directing Reiki energy to the crown chakra. 

The fifth hand position blends the energy directed from the crown chakra down to the heart chakra.  In this position, one hand is still cradling the chin while the other rests lightly on the patient’s sternum.  The sixth position moves down to the rib cage where each hand is placed palm down with one hand on each side of the patient’s ribs just below the breasts.  It is helpful to go over these hand placements with the patients first to make sure they will not be uncomfortable with any areas that you will be touching.  In the seventh position, you will keep your hands in the same position, moving them down to the stomach area at about navel level.

The eighth Reiki hand position will be the same again, however, each hand will be resting on either of the patient’s hips to begin transferring the Reiki energy downwards.  At this point, the patient will turn over, where you will place your hands again in the same position but on the upper back, just below the shoulder blades.  In the ninth Reiki hand position you will simply move your hands, still palm down, from the upper back under the shoulder blades to the lower back.  The tenth and eleventh position involves the same hand placements again; however, you will be moving them from the lower back to the hips and just above the buttocks where the sacrum is.  The twelfth position, which is used by some Reiki masters and not others, is the feet.  Some Reiki masters believe that a patient must be balanced from head to toe and placing the hands on the feet will help balance the energy there.

Reiki spiritual healing treatments are very beneficial and hand placement is crucial to balancing your patient.  Learning the proper hand placements is an important part of learning Reiki and becoming a Reiki master.         

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