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Reiki Healing Source

The source of healing in Reiki comes from the higher will.  The higher will manifests itself when one lays aside selfish interests, allowing the higher will to help or heal the person in need.  Universal Love is the higher will and the source of energy for Reiki.  The way to let go of the ego and harness the Universal Love is to simply place your hands upon a person with the intent to heal.  This allows the higher will to flow through the practitioner into the person to be healed.

In order to channel more than personal life force energy, the practitioner needs to be attuned.  With this attunement, the Universal Life Force energy will begin to flow through the practitioner and into the individual they wish to help or heal.  The energy of Reiki is guided by a higher power; therefore it will always know where to go and what to do.  After a proper attunement, the energy will always be available to the practitioner for the healing of others.  Reiki can also be used with and enhances any other method of hands on healing.  It helps to bring about the greatest amount of healing energy to the recipient.

The interesting thing about Reiki energy is it naturally adjusts to the needs of the receiver.  It is always safe because it can’t be used to harm someone.  Reiki energy will only harmonize and balance energy of the person who receives its energy and it will always heal what is most important first.  A common misconception about Reiki is that the Reiki practitioner controls the energy.  In truth, Reiki energy only guides the practitioner to do the greatest good for the person being healed.  The practitioner does not actually control the energy, therefore cannot promise any specific results.  Everyone who receives a Reiki treatment receives some benefit and sometimes even miracles can happen.

The practitioner is an instrument for the energy and the recipient has to be willing to receive the energy.  The intent of those being healed has to be sincere and must also be willing to cleanse themselves.  The intent to heal can only go so far and if the recipient is unwilling to change things that may be harming him or her, then the healing will do no good.  The healing process should be a complete process that affects every aspect of their lives.

It is important to keep in mind that Reiki is not a religion or belief system.  There are no set rules to follow and has no contradictions in moral codes.  Reiki is simply a way for someone to manifest the will of a higher power to help heal those in need.  Reiki is simply a form of energy based on love with the intent to heal.  When their hands are placed upon the intended recipient the flow of energy is that based on the power of universal love.  Sometimes it would seem as though there is no way to heal a person.  A Reiki practitioner may think there is no hope, but when he places his hands upon that person, the power of love and compassion heals them despite that.

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