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Reiki in Japan

Many people know that quite a few of the spiritual healing practices that are performed today originated in Japan.  Japan has often had a leg up on alternative medicine, where the Western world has lagged behind.  Many well schooled and gifted Japanese men and women have created and helped form alternative remedial practices that have been beneficial for a great deal of patients.  Traditional Reiki spiritual healing is included among the many alternative medical treatments that are now available today in lieu of or in addition to traditional Western medicine.  Although no alternative medical treatments should replace traditional medical care unless specified by your doctor, many doctors are now seeing the great benefits that Reiki and other alternative methods of care can present to their patients. 

Japan and its people have always stayed close to nature – although there are more and more parts of Japan that are becoming “Westernized,” a great deal of the country and its people still stay true to original Japanese roots.  This is part of what makes Reiki spiritual healing treatments so effective in Japan.  Traditional Reiki focuses on a deep connection with nature and the spirit – many people believe that without a connection to nature, the spirit cannot thrive; much like a plant cannot thrive without a connection to water, sunlight and air.  Although Reiki spiritual healing treatments are known to be extremely effective when performed in other countries such as the United States, it is only when the natural spiritual mentality that stems from Japanese culture is borrowed.  One cannot perform Reiki properly with a completely Western mentality – the deep connection to the higher power, nature and our place as humans within it just isn’t there. 

Part of what makes traditional Reiki spiritual treatments so popular and so effective in Japan is that this specific form of spiritual healing was formed and created there, in the vast valleys of the beautiful island.  As with anything that is passed down from generation to generation and from place to place, Reiki begins to change shape and take different forms when Reiki masters begin incorporating other forms of healing art into traditional Reiki.  While this has helped form many other types of Reiki and is very beneficial, original Reiki still resides mostly in Japan where it was created.  Although there is no exact form of Reiki that is considered the “original” form of Reiki, it is safe to say that the closest to it would be practiced wholly by Reiki masters who inhabit Japan.

That is not to say that the only form of Reiki that is beneficial to a patient is in Japan.  Many Western Reiki masters have investigated and harnessed the ideals that were first founded in Japan and incorporate them daily into their Reiki spiritual healing.  As long as the deep connection with nature and the love of the higher power is kept, Reiki masters all over the world can channel Reiki energy and use it to successfully heal their patients both spiritually and physically.   

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