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Seichim Reiki

The word "seichim" is an ancient Egyptian word that literally means "power."  Therefore, the healing art of Seichim Reiki is considered one of the more effective and powerful forms of Reiki available to patients today.  Seichim Reiki is still a relatively new and modern form of Reiki spiritual healing, having been discovered as early as the year 1984.  All forms of Reiki spiritual healing harness a form of energy from the higher power that is channeled in a way that is beneficial and healing to a patient.  Practitioners of Seichim Reiki call this energy "living light."  While there are some similarities between Seichim Reiki and traditional Reiki spiritual healing treatments, there are many differences - specifically in the underlying principles of the healing art.

Practitioners of Seichim Reiki believe that we all have both male and female energies within us.  Science corroborates this theory with the proof of both masculine and feminine hormones within us - estrogen and testosterone.  Naturally, women have more estrogen present within them and men have a higher degree of testosterone.  Seichim Reiki, however, strives to bring balance and harmony to these male and female energies.  Practitioners of this art believe that if the male and female energies are balanced within a patient, he or she will begin to feel much more at peace with him or herself as well as more balanced and harmonious overall. 

Not only can Seichim Reiki help to heal a patient physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, it can help a patient begin walking down the path that will lead him or her to their true, higher self.  In a world where people are constantly struggling to learn who they are, why they are here on this Earth and struggling to come to terms with the answers to these questions, Seichim Reiki can come as a relief to this endless search. 

Patients can receive Seichim Reiki healing treatments in addition to their current traditional medical treatments because Seichim Reiki naturally coincides with traditional medicinal techniques.  Although most forms of Reiki can easily be integrated into Western medicine, Seichim Reiki works especially well for those who are undergoing lengthy medical treatments or have recently received an operation or other medical intervention.

Like other forms of Reiki spiritual healing treatments, Seichim Reiki can help to release pent up energy that is blocking a patient's chakras, especially if the energy is negative.  Negative energy must be cleared for a patient to begin to feel balanced and spiritually harmonized.  Once negative energy is cleared, however, it is generally not stopped from building up again.  Some Reiki masters can help seal the body and the mind from additional negative energies, but these barriers will wear down with time.  It is important to receive continual Seichim Reiki spiritual healing treatments to receive the maximum benefit.  Remember, Reiki spiritual healing treatments can never do harm - you will always benefit from a Reiki spiritual healing treatment!  Continually receiving Reiki treatments, including Seichim Reiki treatments, can help put you on a path of health and wellness. 

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