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For many years, Shamanism Reiki has been considered one of the most ancient and effective alternative healing practice available to patients.  Shamanism focuses solely on natural and spiritual healing, and a Shaman will connect deeply with his or her spirit guides and the higher power while he or she works healing wonders on a patient.  It only makes sense that both Shamanism and traditional Reiki spiritual healing would join hands to form Shamanic Reiki, an intensely spiritual and effective healing practice.

Both Reiki and Shamanism fit extremely well with each other, as many of the spiritual beliefs and healing procedures, such as hands on techniques and the channeling of energy, flow easily from one type of spiritual healing to the other.  What makes Shamanic Reiki unique and different from other types of Reiki spiritual healing and traditional Reiki treatments?  First, Shamanic Reiki implores techniques from both Shamanism and traditional Reiki.  The Shamanic Reiki master will lay their hands on a patient in a pattern that is similar to traditional Reiki spiritual healing treatments to transfer the energy that has been channeled from the higher power to the patient’s chakras.  For patients who are having Shamanic Reiki healing treatments for a physical ailment, Shamans who practice Shamanic Reiki may use dried herbs or flowers and plants that have medicinal properties in addition to laying their hands on the patient.  Dried herbs that have medicinal qualities are widely used in traditional shamanism and have proved to be a great benefit to patients undergoing Shamanic Reiki healing treatments.

Another unique aspect of Shamanic Reiki healing is that often, spirit guides are called upon to aid during a Shamanic Reiki spiritual healing treatment.  In traditional Shamanism, animal and ancient spirit guides are often called upon to help with healing and giving energy to a patient.  Another form of Reiki spiritual healing that is similar to Shamanic Reiki is Angel Touch Reiki.  Both of these forms of Reiki spiritual healing call upon spirit guides or Angels in addition to the energy received from the higher power to cleanse a patient’s chakras and help heal them spiritually and physically.

Who can benefit from Shamanic Reiki?  Well, almost anyone!  Shamanic Reiki can help those in need as much as traditional Reiki spiritual treatments can.  There are, however, some situations in which Shamanic Reiki can be more useful to the patient than traditional Reiki sessions.  A patient who is experiencing physical pain or illness may want to consider Shamanic Reiki for both its physical and spiritual healing properties.  Some more traditional forms of Reiki spiritual healing are designed only to heal the spirit from within, whereas Shamanic Reiki can gravitate more towards actual physical healing.  Shamanic Reiki is also excellent for clearing away negative energy and evil from the home and the body.  Some patients who are being tormented by evil spirits can undergo Shamanic Reiki spiritual healing treatments to help keep evil spirits and negative energy at bay.  Nevertheless, Shamanic Reiki is an excellent form of spiritual healing that can be used by anyone and everyone to enrich their body, soul and mind!   

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