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Spiritual Foundations of Reiki

Reiki, like many other alternative forms of healing, is intensely spiritual for both the Reiki master and the patient receiving the Reiki spiritual healing treatments.  Reiki is not founded in any type of religion, making it possible for people of all walks of faith to give, receive and enjoy Reiki spiritual treatments.  What makes Reiki sessions so spiritual?  For Reiki to be effective, both the Reiki master and the patient must open their minds and hearts to new experiences.  If the patient has trouble doing this, the Reiki master can use Reiki spiritual healing techniques to help the patient become more open minded and unblock the heart and mind chakras.  Once both the Reiki master and patient are open, however, they naturally become more susceptible to experiencing a deeper sense of spirituality.  This can happen in many ways.

A patient that is receiving Reiki spiritual healing treatments will often begin to feel more at one with nature and his or her surroundings as well as feeling more balanced overall.  This is one of the best results of Reiki spiritual healing treatments!  Think of it almost as a spiritual tune up – the body, mind and spirit will all run more efficiently together once one or several Reiki spiritual healing sessions have been performed.  Many patients seek Reiki healing treatments specifically for this reason and this reason alone – even if they have no physical or chronic pain or illnesses that would benefit from Reiki sessions. 

For a Reiki master to begin healing a patient both on the inside and outside, he or she must draw energy from a source.  Those involved with Reiki spiritual healing recognize this energy source as a higher power.  A Reiki master will channel supreme love, comfort and protection from the higher power and energy source to the patient, allowing the patient to be more spiritually aware and open to receiving these wonderful gifts of energy.  Reiki healing treatments touch each patient deep in their soul, awakening a sense of spirituality that they may have never experienced before.

Similarly, when someone becomes a Reiki master, they have a powerful spiritual awakening as well.  For someone to become a Reiki master, he or she must be attuned by another Reiki master.  An attunement is simply where the current Reiki master opens the chakras of the master to be and channels the love and energy of the higher power for the new master to utilize.  During the attunement process, the energy and love from the higher power will reach deep within the new master and awaken them deep inside.  Some Reiki masters claim that after their Reiki attunements, they have become more physically, spiritually and even psychically aware.  A Reiki master’s chakras are always open to the energy of the higher power and naturally, they are open to many other spiritual experiences.  The spiritual foundation of Reiki lies within the power of the higher being – Reiki relies wholly on the supreme goodness and love from the higher power to heal and guide Reiki patients.

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